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Upholstery cleaning LondonFor the finest professional commercial or home upholstery and sofa cleaning in London, call Excellent Carpet Cleaning. We can provide you with a reliable service each time you call. We have more than 10 years of experience and a staff of veteran upholstery and leather cleaners. Don’t waste any more time and give us a call today by dialling Our customer care team will handle everything, from scheduling to giving you details about the booking process. They can also explain techniques if you are curious to learn on how we clean. To begin your experience, call us today and enjoy:

  • Odour free upholstery
  • Deep stain removal
  • Leather sofa rejuvenation
  • Properly trained staff
  • Full insurance coverage

Efficient Sofa Stain Removal

Over 10.000 customers have deemed our cleaning satisfying and adequate. For the past decade, we’ve been improving our cleaning techniques for dealing with nasty, old stains. We use special techniques that allow us to clean natural fibres. Sisal and silk can now be cleaned without damaging the textile or leaving any trace of the stain behind. Our entire staff is comprised of veteran technicians and cleaners as well as specialists. We use their expertise on the toughest cases. We provide a comprehensive cleaning experience. It covers everything from stain removal to odour extraction and upholstery rejuvenation.

We’ve invested time and effort into learning about the cleaning of a wide range of upholstery materials and types. We clean regular sofas, to double sofas, make-a-beds, spring sofas, love seats, settees, armchairs, dining chairs and any other type of upholstered furniture. We clean everything natural and synthetic leather and other materials such as sisal, silk, cotton, Kashmir, velvet, viscose, plush, chenille, nubuck and acrylic.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning & Maintenance

A natural material like leather requires regular and constant maintenance. It can keep its shape, performance and condition for a longer period of time. With time and usage, some of the natural oils found in the material are carried away or dry out. This makes the material vulnerable. When dry, it will form cracks and weak spots where it can tear from simple usage and natural stretching. To prevent that, we use a moisturising agent.

With generous applications, we open the pores of the leather. Once open we use a cleaning agent which extracts the accumulated dirt from deep within. Any excess moisturisers or cleaning agents are removed with a hand or micro fibre cloth. For better leather upholstery we use all natural and bio-degradable materials. They are family and environmentally safe. We leave the leather to rest after which it will develop a supple and soft feel.

Dry Upholstery Cleaning

We use this dry cleaning method to remove wet and dry stains from the fibres of natural materials. Due to a risk of shrinkage and general fibre fatigue we use a more gentle approach. It is still an effective solution for any blemishes or stain accumulation. Before applying the dry detergent we first vacuum the upholstery of the furniture. To remove any dirt particles, loose hairs or crumbs we use a damp cloth for the hard to reach places.

These two things not only remove the stains but also prepare the fibres of the sofa for cleaning.

Then we apply the dry detergent while using a fine brush to embed the detergent into the fibres of the material. After a 15 minute wait, we can begin the extraction method using a vacuum machine. All the dirt will be removed after the dry compound has reacted with the stain and filth underneath. Using a strong vacuum machine we extract everything in one go, leaving nothing behind. There is no drying required which is ideal for upholstery and furniture.

In case your upholstery is moisture durable, the recommended cleaning method is steam cleaning. The cleaners will perform the proper method according to the upholstery material.

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