Premium Cleaning in London

Frequently Asked Questions


How often should carpets and rugs be cleaned?

  • It depends on the size of the household and the activity around the house. Offices need carpet cleaning more often as foot traffic tracks in quite a lot of dirt. Proper deep carpet fibre and rug fibre cleaning should be performed every 2 to 3 months.

Are your treatments safe for pets and plants?

  • Yes, we use bio-degradable detergents and solutions with 0% hazardous chemicals. Once used the detergents dissolve into harmless substances which are carried away. Most of the detergents are removed during the cleaning either by vacuum or by the moisture in the carpet or rug. There is no trace left behind.

Are your treatments child safe?

  • Yes. We use all natural methods and cleaning supplies. They allow us to properly clean your entire house, even the crib of your child. We offer allergen free treatments that can be used to treat more sensitive households. Our cleaning solutions ensure the cleaning of all household and office surfaces with a 0% of allergic reactions. The solutions we use can be seen as drug-free allergen relief.

How long does it take to dry the carpet/rug/upholstery?

  • It depends on the thickness of the surface that has been cleaned. With the extraction of 95% of the moisture, the usual drying time during winter is 5 hours. Our air movers cut that time by more than half. During summer the drying hours are between 3-4 hours without air movers.


How many treatments can I book at once?

  • There is no limit to treatments booked at once. In fact, we encourage it. Once you book more than one treatment you get a discount off the final price of your order. Regular booking also gets you special rates.

Can I book a regular service?

  • Yes. Our one-off cleaning service offers a book once option. The client sets up a cleaning schedule. It is automatically renewed each month until the client makes a change. You can book other services and treatments on a regular basis with special rates and deals to lower the cost.

How does the scheduling work?

  • You pick a date and give us a call to see if that date and time slot are available. We are happy to accommodate all our customer’s scheduling needs, so do not hesitate to call us.

I booked a treatment but have changed my mind and want to exchange it for a different one. Is this possible?

  • Yes, we do allow the exchange of one treatment for another. For a list of exchange options, contact our customer support.


How are the rates calculated?

  • Some services like the One-off cleaning service are hourly based. We charge for a time slot and the time a cleaner has been booked. A service like a carpet cleaning is charged on a workload basis. For stairs, we charge a set amount, for a number of rugs or size of carpet we charge a set amount. You can see more on our prices page.

Do you have minimum charges?

  • We have a minimum call out charges that can be waived in certain occasions. Contact one of our managers to learn which cases may warrant this decision.

Do I pay for insurance separately?

  • The insurance cost is included in the price. You can see it in your quote before the order is finalised.

What payment options do I have?

  • There are several payment plans which you can use. We take credit cards with secure payments online, cashier’s checks and bank transfers and payments. You can also pay directly to the cleaner, cash is fine as well.


I am not satisfied with a cleaner, what should I do?

  • We make sure that all our staff is trained and certified before sending them out. In case something arises, give us a call and cite your order number.

Can a key drop-off or pick-up be arranged?

  • Most of our services need at least one representative of the household or office to be present. Our one-off cleaning service and the end of tenancy cleaning service allow for safe key pick up and drop off.

Can you move furniture?

  • Our cleaners are not trained movers, so we recommend the client moves the furniture beforehand. In some cases, it is possible for our technicians to move light furniture, but all within reason.

What does your insurance cover?

  • Our insurance covers cleaning damages and damages to the technicians and their equipment. If you want to learn about our insurance policy call our customer support.

Can I observe the cleaning?

  • Clients can be in the room during the cleaning. For this, they will be asked to wear shoe covers which our cleaners will supply.