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carpet cleaning LondonAre you in need of a trustworthy, professional carpet cleaning in London that you know will do the job? Excellent Carpet Cleaning’s professional team of carpet cleaners is at your disposal only a phone away. Reap the benefits of a recognised cleaning company like Excellent Carpet Cleaning. Call us on and our customer assistants will take care of the rest. If you have questions about the service or anything else, they will help you out. Available all weekdays, during weekends and holidays, we can provide you with:

  • 98% stain removal
  • All carpets cleaned, Scotchgard protection if requred
  • Deep fibre rejuvenation
  • Odour extraction
  • Deposit and contract free booking

10+ Years Of Excellent Carpet Care

For over a decade our carpet cleaners London has worked with local and Greater London area customers. We accommodate the carpet cleaning needs of businesses and homes at a reasonable price. During our time in the field, we managed to learn quite a lot, such as how to properly clean sisal and what are the right techniques to use on high traffic areas. Have your wall to wall carpeting perfectly cleaned! We will not compromise with the results. We clean synthetic and natural materials like cotton, silk, wool, acrylic, Kashmir and suede.

Steam Cleaning 

We use this treatment for general cleaning of large areas in your home or office. It is good for specialised tasks like nasty and oily stain removal. This cleaning method involves high heat and pressure. It is suitable for a wide range of stains - from chewing gum to nail polish, food colouring and paint.

First, it disintegrates them down to their constituent parts and then extracts them with a strong vacuum. Тhe technician starts with pre-treating the stains with a proper detergent. This loosens the fibres and starts the removal process of the stain. Older blemishes are harder to remove than more recent ones, so a quick reaction is a key to their removal. Once the detergent starts to react, we use our steam jet machine. It injects the area with a high-pressure steam. The steam dissolves the filth and loosens it from the carpet's fibres. A high-powered vacuum removes the filth from the surface and the base of the carpet’s bedding. There is nothing left over, including up to 95% of the moisture used during the cleaning.

The treatment is used only on synthetic and durable natural materials. We apply it on wool which can withstand the harsh environment the method creates. The carpet will fully dry within 4-5 hours. We have air movers which can make the process a lot quicker, book beforehand.

Dry Cleaning

Natural materials like silk and cotton are more sensitive to heat and moisture. To expose them to such environments will increase the risk of fibre damage. We use a special dry cleaning method to provide good results and yet to keep your carpet safe. It allows us to extract every type of stain without damaging the fibres.

The technique requires us to manually embed the granulated detergent into the fibres. The technician brushes the detergent into the spotted area. That way the detergent binds to the particles of the stain and loosen them. After a 14 minute wait, the cleaner uses a narrow nozzle and a strong vacuum machine.

He goes over the affected area and extracts everything underneath. The detergent itself is removed along with all the grime, leaving no trace.

The cleaning agent is 100% bio-degradable. Any particles that might have been left dissolve and disintegrate. There is no drying required as no moisture has been used for the cleaning.

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